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    How do you start?

    To get started with running your first Payroll, it's as simple as 1-2-3: Activate / Open / Run Wizard. See step-by-step instructions below.

    Setting up and running your first payroll generally takes between 30-90 minutes.

    Tip: Run an optional Sample Company to test the payroll features before you start.
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    How to run a Sample Company

    • 1Open QuickBooks.
    • 2Click File at the top menu bar > Open or Restore Company...
    • 3Choose Open a Company File, click Next.
    • 4In the Open a Company window, click Cancel.
    • 5Click the Open a sample file button which will give you a drop-down menu of sample files.
    • 6Choose a sample file and click OK on the message about the date set on the file.

    1. Activate QuickBooks Payroll

    To activate your Payroll software, you will need to enter the activation key that came with your product. Visit the Knowledge Center for detailed information about activating Payroll.

    2. Start Payroll Setup Wizard

    • To set up your Payroll, open QuickBooks
    • Click on Employees tab in the top toolbar
    • Scroll and select Payroll Setup in the dropdown menu to open the wizard

    3. Follow the Payroll Setup Wizard

    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Company Information
    • 3. Employees
    • 4. Taxes
    • 5. Year-to-Date Payrolls
    • 6. Data Review & Finishing Up

    1. Payroll Setup Wizard - Introduction

    This tutorial walks you through Step 1 of the Setup Wizard - Introduction.

    Play Video

    2. Payroll Setup Wizard - Company Information

    This tutorial walks you through Step 2 of the Setup Wizard - Company Information.

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    3. Payroll Setup Wizard - Employees

    This tutorial walks you through Step 3 of the Setup Wizard - Employees.

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    4. Payroll Setup Wizard - Taxes

    This tutorial walks you through Step 4 of the Setup Wizard - Taxes.

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    5. Payroll Setup Wizard - Year-to-Date Payrolls

    This tutorial walks you through Step 5 of the Setup Wizard - Year-to-Date Payrolls.

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    6. Payroll Setup Wizard - Data Review

    This tutorial walks you through Step 6 of the Setup Wizard - Data Review.

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