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    New Customer Center: Assisted Payroll

    Welcome to the Assisted Payroll
    New User Center

    Thanks for choosing us for your company's payroll solution.

    To make it easy for you to get started, this site walks you through setting up your payroll, asks you questions about your business and employees, and guides you through the setup process.

    Tip: Once you've completed setup, contact a setup specialist at (800) 365-9626 to ensure it's error free.

    Tip: Bookmark this web page in your browser so you can find it easily.

    The QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Guarantee

    Using information that you provide, QuickBooks Assisted Payroll will make your tax deposits and file all related forms—accurately and on time, or we'll pay any resulting tax penalties.

    QuickBooks Assisted Payroll will:

    • Provide updated federal and state tax tables to QuickBooks for Assisted Payroll to reference. You will receive an in-product alert to download the latest tax table and product updates.
    • Processes and deposit your federal and state payroll taxes with the appropriate agency. Funds are automatically set aside with each payroll to cover payments.
    • File federal forms 940, 940 Schedule A, 941, 941 Schedule B, 944, 945a and W–3.
    • File state unemployment insurance.
    • File state withholding tax (where applicable).
    • File W–2s and W–3s with the SSA for you. Certain plans allow customers electronic access to their W–2s and W–3s so that they can print them themselves and avoid W–2 processing and delivery charges. Assisted Payroll also offers plans that provide paper copies by mail, included as part of the service. Speak to an Assisted Payroll representative to make sure you have the options that are right for your business.
      Note: Copies of quarterly and annual payroll tax filings available by electronic delivery can be accessed from the Payroll Center within your QuickBooks system.
    • Work on your behalf if an issue arises with an agency while you are on our service - peace of mind that you have payroll and tax experts working for you.

    As an employer, you need to do:

    • Provide us with your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), State tax account numbers, State unemployment rates, as well as State deposit frequencies.
    • Set up payroll items with correct taxability (See your tax advisor or accountant for tax information).
    • Perform New Hire reporting for your business.
    • Enter complete and accurate payroll data into QuickBooks, including total wages, employee and company tax withholding amounts, as well as any other payroll deductions.
    • Collect funds for or make payments for employee benefits, pension plans, local taxes, wage garnishments, insurance, child support, or any other payroll liability that is not related to state and federal payroll taxes. Assisted Payroll handles only your state and federal taxes.
    • Process your payroll in QuickBooks before 5 p.m. Pacific Time two banking days prior to your check date.
      Note: Internet connectivity is required.
    • Fund your payroll account at the time of transmission so that Assisted Payroll can disburse your payroll taxes and make Direct Deposits.
    • Print and distribute paychecks to your employees who do not get Direct Deposit.
    • Inform Assisted Payroll immediately if you receive notifications from a tax agency.
    • Note: To ensure we are providing you with the best possible service, you may be contacted by internal Intuit departments to verify or request further information

    When is your Payroll Processing deadline?

    If payday is on... Send payroll by 5 p.m. Pacific Time on or before the preceding... Unless there's a bank holiday. If the holiday is on... Send payroll by 5 p.m. on or before the preceding...
    Monday Thursday Thursday or Friday before payroll Wednesday
    Tuesday Friday Friday or Monday before payroll Thursday
    Wednesday Monday Monday or Tuesday before payroll Friday
    Thursday Tuesday Tuesday or Wednesday before payroll Monday
    Friday Wednesday Wednesday or Thursday before payroll Tuesday

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