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    North Carolina Withholding Tax Change for 2014

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    You are an employer who pays wages in the state of North Carolina and have an active Intuit Payroll subscription.


    The North Carolina Department of Revenue published new withholding tax tables.  The changes are effective January 1, 2014.  Click here to see the updated withholding tax guide published by North Carolina Department of Revenue, which includes the new withholding tax tables. 


    Recently enacted legislation by the North Carolina General Assembly has made significant changes to the way North Carolina withholding taxes are calculated.  In addition, the Dept. of Revenue is advising that employers MUST obtain a new Form NC-4 from ALL employees, due to these changes.  Click here to see the employer notification that the Dept. of Revenue has published.

    Are these changes being supported in Intuit's products and services?

    Intuit Online Payroll:

    Yes, Intuit Online Payroll will implement the changes in a future release.

    Intuit Full Service Payroll:

    Yes, Intuit Full Service Payroll will implement the changes in a future release.
    We encourage you to revisit this article periodically for any updates and additional details.

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