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    E-file your state unemployment filings from QuickBooks

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    Depending on your state, you may have different options to file your state unemployment forms:

    • e-file directly from QuickBooks
    • create a state unemployment file in QuickBooks and manually upload to the state (or send via electronic media when applicable)
    • create and print paper copies of your unemployment forms from QuickBooks and send to the state.
    This article explains how to create and submit a state unemployment file to your state agency.

    If you are not sure what the requirements are for your state and the availability in QuickBooks check out our Quick List of E-File & Pay Availability in QuickBooks.

    If you can directly e-file from QuickBooks, to access the e-file feature, choose Employees > Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s > Process Payroll Forms.  Some states require that payment and forms are filed together, other states want them filed separately. Take a look at the articles below to see if your state is in the list.  If your state does not appear in the list, visit our Payroll Tax Compliance website and click on your specific state to view forms filing requirements.


    You must have an Enhanced Payroll Subscription and have Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher on your computer to complete these steps below.

    To create a file to submit to your state for quarterly filing:

    In QuickBooks, go to Employees menu > Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s > Create State SUI E-file.

    In the Welcome window, click Continue.

    In the QuickBooks Payroll State SUI File window, click Continue.

    Click the Select State drop-down arrow and select the state.

    Click Get QuickBooks Data.

    In the QuickBooks Payroll State SUI E-file - Updated window, click OK.

    Correct any errors or add missing information into the file.

    Click the Add-Ins tab to locate the QuickBooks Payroll State SUI E-file drop-down arrow.

    Click Start Interview.

    Click to select the I understand that I must review my data and answer the following questions checkbox.

    Click Next.

    Note the file name and location. THIS IS THE FILE YOU SEND TO THE STATE.

    Click Next.

    Answer the questions in the interview and verify any autopopulated information.

    Click Next until you reach the End of Interview window.

    Click Create State File.

    In the State File Created window, click OK.

    When the Save Workbook window opens, click Yes to save the Excel workbook for your records.

    The Excel workbook you just saved (Step 18) for your records is NOT the file you submit to the state.  The file you noted down in Step 12 is the file you send to the state.

    To submit the file to your state:

    The list below provides the state filings that are supported using the file creation method and links to the state websites.  State requirements for creating and submitting a file vary from state to state.

    Alabama Quarterly Compensation ReportGo to the Alabama Department of Labor eGov website to file your report.
    Colorado UI Wage List See the instructions for uploading your file to Colorado.
    Illinois Employer Monthly reportingSee reporting Requirements for instructions to file your report.
    Louisiana Employment and Wage Report

    Go to Louisiana Internet Wage & Tax Reporting Website to file your taxes.

    #Effective December 2014 Multi-State Employers Indicator Field filed is "N" for any file created in the RE record

    N=No for employees report wages to other states


    Massachusetts Employment and Wage Detail Report

    Go to the Massachusetts QUEST system to upload your file.

    Choose EFW2 File type to submit 

    Michigan UI Quarterly Wage Reporting

    Go to the Michigan MiWAM to file your report.





    Minnesota UI Wage Detail Go to the Minnesota Unemployment Employer  self-service website.
    New Hampshire UI Quarterly Tax and Wage Reporting Go to the New Hampshire NHES Web Tax System website to file your report.
    North Carolina UI Quarterly Tax and Wage Reporting
    Go to North Carolina's ESC website to file your report.
    Oklahoma Employer's Quarterly Wage ReportGo to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Employer Portal to file your report.
    Pennsylvania Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report Go to the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Management (UCMS) site to file your report.  
    For general information on the UC Management System, click here .
    South Carolina Employer's Quarterly Wage Report

    Go to South Carolina's Business One Stop to begin filing.

    Vermont Employer's Quarterly Wage Report Go to Vermont Internet Tax Wage system to file your report.

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