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    Virginia state W-2 E-file help

    Article ID: 2000989


    Virginia requires employers file W-2s electronically.

    The filing deadline for W-2 wage and tax statements is January 31.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to submit your state W-2 Forms electronically.


    You have an active Enhanced Payroll subscription.


    You can file your W-2s directly from QuickBooks Desktop:

    Go to Employees > Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s > Process Payroll Forms.

    Select the VA State W-2 form to e-file.

    1. In the File Forms section, select VA State W-2s - VA State W-2 Worksheet (E-file Only).
      • If you do not see the form, click the Forms button, and select Make a New Form Active. Click the State dropdown button, and select VA. Select the form, and click Add Form.
    2. Click File Form.
    3. Review the SELECT FILING PERIOD year, and edit if necessary.
    4. Click OK.

    Complete the Virginia State W-2 Worksheet and verify your data.

    1. Verify you have the current year version of the form.
    2. Complete the worksheet and verify pre-populated data.
    3. Click Check for Errors to ensure there are no issues that would prevent e-filing.
    4. When you are ready to file your Virginia State W-2s, click Submit Form.

    On the Submit Form window, Click the E-file button

    On the Agency Login Information Screen, enter your e-mail address and contact phone number. Click Submit

    Within 24-48 hours, you should check the status of the form you submitted

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