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    Utah state W-2 E-File help

    Article ID: 2000671


    Utah businesses must file electronically.


    Electronically filed W-2s are due the January 31st. 

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to file your W-2s electronically by the due date.


    You have an active Enhanced Payroll subscription.


    Create the W-2 file that you will upload in a later step.

    Log onto the TAP system.

    Click on File/Pay under Withholding Actions tab.
    Under W-2/W-2 C  title.

    Choose the Upload Fixed Length File(s) option.

    Click Add next to Attachments.

    Select type of W-2 data you are submitting from the dropdown menu. You can enter a description of the file (for your reference).

    Browse to your file containing W-2 data. This is the .txt file created in Step 1 above.

    Double click on your file, the system will process and validate your file.

    Correct any error, re-validate, and click Save.

    When there are no errors, you will see your file under Attachments.  Check the authority box and click Submit.

    Enter your password and click OK.  You will be given a confirmation number.

    Store your confirmation number in a safe place for your records.
    You will be notified by email if your file did not update to your account.
    If you file online, do not mail any paper to the Tax Commission.

    Electronically transferred reports do not eliminate the requirement to file Form TC-941R (Utah annual reconciliation form) with the Utah Department of Revenue. Those forms must be filed online through Utah's website.

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