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    North Carolina state W-2 E-file help

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    Employers must file copies the Form W-2 information electronically, this feature allows for the data to be filed on CD-ROM. The department changed their filing mandate rules for the year 2015. 

    The filing deadline for this information is January 31st and this is a new accelerated due date from prior years.

     If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the filing is due on the next business day.

    The agency has stated that all W2 and Annual data must be e-filed.  The agency has stated that filing on a CD is accepted for the 2015 year; the way QuickBooks creates this data is for a CD.

    Please check with the agency for any updates on filing W2 data for 2015 if there are questions.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to file your W-2s electronically with the North Carolina Department of Revenue by the due date of January 31st.


    You have an active Enhanced Payroll subscription.


    To submit your state W-2 forms electronically:

    Create the W-2 that you will upload in step 3.

    Copy the file created in Step 1 above to CD.

    Prepare your State W-2s for submission to the Agency

    Your file must be copied to CD-ROM for submission to North Carolina.

    The external label on the CD needs to include:

    • Name and address of sender, tax year, and type of information being reported (W-2)
    • Name and telephone number of contact person
    • Note if the file is compressed or zipped

    Submit your W-2 file, along with the annual reconciliation, Form NC-3, to the agency.

    Form NC-3 can be completed and printed from QuickBooks.

    For information on how to send the file you have created in QuickBooks to the agency, including requirements for the external label, go to the State of North Carolina's website for information.


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