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    New York State Disability Insurance (SDI)

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    This article is about how to enter in QuickBooks the employer rate for New York State Disability Insurance (NY SDI). The State of New York requires that all employers with employees working in New York purchase disability insurance through a private carrier.

    Even though the insurance is through a private carrier, the State of New York has rules regarding this coverage.

    Assisted Payroll does not support this tax.


    You are an employer in the State of New York and are required to purchase SDI.


    The QuickBooks program automatically creates items for the New York SDI employee contribution and the company contribution. The employee rate is automatically entered as .5%. Company rates are provided by the carrier, and must be entered by you (the customer) based upon notification from the carrier. After the insurance is purchased and you have the company rate, you can enter this rate in the NY SDI item in the Payroll Item list. QuickBooks prompts you to set up the New York SDI Payroll item when you first enter an employee.

    The employee rate cannot be edited. Employees contribute .5% of their gross pay towards the cost of this insurance, not to exceed $.60 a week. This helps the employer with the cost of the insurance. QuickBooks Desktop automatically stops calculating amounts over $.60 a week.

    If you have employees who are not paid on weekly basis, you may refer to the chart below for the proper deduction limit per period.

    Payroll ScheduleDeduction Limit per Period
    Weekly $0.60
    Bi-Weekly $1.20
    Semi-Monthly $1.30
    Monthly $2.60
    See Tables of Statutory Employee Contributions Disability Benefits Law for more information on the table above.

    For detailed information about New York requirements see this New York Disability Payments website.

    Assisted payroll customers: New York SDI is not supported by Intuit. You need to track and pay this insurance yourself.

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