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    Numeric entries in the sick and vacation window for hours accrued are changing

    Article ID: 2000049


    What is causing numeric entries to change in the Hours accrued per hour paid field?


    You have correctly entered vacation and sick time hours for your employees.


    QuickBooks uses an industry-standard rounding method to track fractions of an hour. In some situations, you might need to enter a number in the Hours accrued per hour paid field that is a fraction of an hour. When multiplied by 3600 (the number of seconds in an hour), the result will turn out to be a whole number.

    If the number you entered yields a fraction when multiplied by 3600, QuickBooks rounds the Hours accrued per hour paid value to the closest number that yields a whole number when multiplied by 3600. For example, 1.9965 is treated like a whole number and is rounded up to the next decimal place. This numeric rounding is working as designed in QuickBooks.

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