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    Using QuickBooks Payroll on a Mac

    Article ID: 2000040


    There are 2 different options for processing payroll on a Mac:

    For more information, you can contact our QuickBooks Payroll for Mac department.

    Intuit's desktop payroll solutions (Basic Payroll, Enhanced Payroll and Assisted Payroll) are only supported on Windows. You can use these products on a Mac by utilizing Boot Camp, a program provided by Apple. Apple's website has additional information and support available for Boot Camp. Windows Parallels and Fusion is supported in addition to Boot Camp, however they are known to have more issues than Boot Camp with regards to QuickBooks.


    You have purchased or are planning to purchase a Mac.


    Some keyboard shortcutswill be different on a Mac keyboard. Apple has an article detailing these differences and how to configure them.

    Due to the way that virtualization works, some issues can occur with printers and other external peripherals. VMware and Parallels have support information available to resolve these issues.

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