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    Delete or void paychecks in QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced

    Article ID: 1003052

    How To Delete Or Void Int He Current Quarter

    Click Void or Delete on the desired paycheck.

    This options appears on the paycheck itself or by going to the Paycheck List from the Employees tab.

    From the individual paycheck:

    From the Paycheck List:

    Confirm if the check has been cashed yet.

    Void check: continue here

    Select Yes to continue. Be sure to collect the funds back from the employee.


    Delete check: continue here

    Select Yes to delete the paycheck.

    How To Void A Paycheck In A Previous Quarter

    Select the Paycheck to void from teh Paycheck list.

    Select Void from the upper left list options

    Void Paycheck issued in a prior quarter? reminder will appear and must be acknowledge to move forward

    An email will be sent tot he Master Administrtor and Accountant of the small business

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I delete checks out of order?

    Yes. You can delete or void checks out of order for the current quarter.

    For example, for the first quarter of the year (Jan-Mar), you can delete checks from January 1st up until the due date of your quarterly forms, which is the last day of April in most cases.

    What about tax calculations?

    We'll automatically recalculate your tax liabilities after a check is deleted or voided. If you've already made a tax payment, you may end up with an overpayment. Our system will automatically apply any overpayments toward future liability within the current quarter.

    For future quarters, see Resolve a tax overpayment for more info.

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