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    Set up pay stub access for an employee or contractor (PaycheckRecords.com)

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    This article covers how to set up your employee or contractor to view pay stubs online at PaycheckRecords.com


    Set up PaycheckRecords.com Access

    Click the Employees tab.

    Click the employee or contractor's name.

    In the Paycheck Records access section, click Edit.

    Select View pay stubs online.

    Enter the employee or contractor's email address.

    If you previously entered it during the initial setup, you can verify it here.

    Click Save.

    PaycheckRecords.com and payroll account access login credentials are linked. If your employee is already set up as a secondary user on your payroll account, the next step is not needed. Simply direct your employee to log in at PaycheckRecords.com.

    Click Send Email to email their temporary User ID and password. Otherwise, click Skip Email.

    Upon logging in for the first time, your employee or contractor will be asked to verify the last 6 digits of their Social Security number and enter a new User ID and password.

    Accessing Pay Stubs

    Once the employee or contractor has been granted pay stub access, they can view all paychecks you've approved for them on the PaycheckRecords.com website. The employee or contractor will be able to change the date range on their report to view different timespans.

    Please note, terminated or inactive employees or contractors will continue to have access to PaycheckRecords.com until you remove their access from their profile, even if your Intuit payroll account is canceled.

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