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    Activations: Send QuickBooks file (using file fix)

    Article ID: 1002950


    This article covers how to upload your QuickBooks file to Intuit.


    An agent requested you to send your QuickBooks file to Intuit Full Service Payroll.

    Expected Outcome

    You will upload your portable QuickBooks file to Intuit.


    Make a portable copy of your QuickBooks file.

    Go to https://filefix.intuit.com/global.

    If prompted by a security warning, click Yes.

    Enter the required information and click Submit.

    • Enter the Case number, email address, and PIN. Please note that all fields are case sensitive.
    • Review and accept the Terms of Service.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to locate and upload the portable copy of your company file.

    When the upload is completed, the file will be displayed on the screen.

    Close your browser window after your company file is uploaded.

    Contact Payroll Support to let us know you've completed this process.

    1. Log in to your Intuit Full Service Payroll account.
    2. Click Contact Us > Email Us.
    3. In the body, enter: I have uploaded my QuickBooks file to Intuit's file fix site.
    4. Click Send.

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