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    QuickBooks 1099 Wizard

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    If you paid contractors in the past year and use QuickBooks, the 1099 Wizard will help you save time and easily file your 1099-MISC forms.

    You will be able to prepare, review, and file all the required copies of your 1099-MISC forms and form 1096 (if filing by mail) to the IRS in a few simple steps.


    To access the 1099 Wizard, click Vendors > Print/E-file 1099s > 1099 Wizard.

    Then click Get Started to proceed through the wizard.

    Select 1099 vendors

    This list is pulled from the Vendor List.  Select the vendors that need Form 1099-MISC, and click Continue.

    Changing the selections here also changes the vendors' 1099 status in your company file.

    Verify Vendors

    The information you see will be used on the 1099 forms. Values can be edited by double-clicking a cell within the table. Click Continue to proceed.

    Map Accounts

    Amounts will only be included for reporting if they're mapped to boxes.  To map accounts or omit payments from 1099 forms, select from the Apply payments to this 1099 box dropdown list. Or, if applicable, select the Report all payments in Box 7 checkbox.  Click Continue to proceed.

    If you see a message in red that your settings do not match the current IRS thresholds:
    1. Click on the hyperlink Show IRS 1099-MISC filing thresholds.
    2. Then click on the Reset to IRS Thresholds button.

    Review Payments

    The IRS requires you to exclude electronic payments from being reported on Form 1099-MISC. These include credit card, debit card, gift card, or PayPal payments.

    Click View Included Payments and then View Excluded Payments to review the QuickBooks report of the amounts that will be included and excluded. For more information, see Marking payments for exclusion from Form 1099-MISC. Click Continue to proceed.

    Confirm Entries

    Review the summary of vendors and the amounts that will be reported. This is the data that will be printed or sent to the 1099 E-File application.
    Note: The amounts in the Total Unmapped Payments column will not be included on the 1099 forms. This may be correct, but it may also indicate that accounts are not mapped properly to the 1099 boxes.
    Click Continue to proceed.

    Choose Filing

    Using the Intuit 1099 E-File Service, you can file electronically with the IRS and print form copies on plain paper, if desired (additional fees apply).
    To learn more about the Intuit 1099 E-File Service or to signup and E-File, visit 1099 E-File Service: QuickBooks Desktop.

    If you would like to print your 1099 and 1096 forms and file by mail, pre-printed forms are required and can be purchased from the Intuit Market.
    Important Notes:
    The IRS does not accept forms on plain paper.
    QuickBooks only prints the vendor data and not the actual form.
    QuickBooks may not be compatible with the freeprint 1099 template off the IRS website.

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