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    Sick and/or vacation time not printing on paychecks or pay stubs

    Article ID: 1002453


    When printing paychecks or pay stubs, the sick and vacation (PTO or flextime) totals do not appear.

    Expected Outcome

    The sick and vacation totals will print on the paychecks or pay stubs.


    You have the most recent QuickBooks release or software update update and an active payroll subscription.


    To print sick or vaction time on paychecks or pay stubs:

    In QuickBooks click Edit > Preferences.

    Click Payroll & Employees.

    From the Company Preferences tab, click the Pay Sub & Voucher Printing button.

    Under On Paycheck Vouchers and Pay Stubs Print, click to select Vacation used and vacation available and Sick used and sick available.

    Click OK twice.

    To edit the the sick and/or vacation accurals on a paycheck:

    Locate and view the paycheck in QuickBooks.

    Click Paycheck Detail.

    In the Review Paycheck window, look the top right to view the Sick Available, Vacation Avail., Sick Accrued and Vac. Accrued totals.

    The Sick Available, Vacation Avail. are now editible boxes and can be modfied.


    Once you have made the changes, click OK.

    Click Save & Close

    Reprint the paycheck or pay stub, the sick and/or vacation totals will print.

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