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    Setting up a per diem payroll item

    Article ID: 1002069


    To setup a per diem payroll item in QuickBooks Desktop:

    1. From Lists on the top menu bar, choose Payroll Item List.
    2. Click on the Payroll Item button in the left corner, select New.
    3. Select Custom Setup, click Next.
    4. Select the Addition, click Next.
    5. Enter the name of item (such as Per Diem), click Next.
    6. Assign an expense account, click Next.
    7. Select the Tax tracking type. Consult an accountant, if unsure how the item should report on federal forms, click Next.
    8. The default taxes are selected. Click Next.
    9. Based on quantity, will remain on neither. Click Next.
    10. Keep the Default Rate and Limit at zero, and enter amounts when paycheck is created. Click Finish.

    QuickBooks Desktop currently does not support the Tax Tracking to report Per Diem in box 12 code L of the W2.
    • If you have Enhanced or Standard Payroll Service, the W-2 and the W-3 can be edited with this information directly.
    • If you have Assisted Payroll Service, you will have opportunity to preview your W-2s, toward the end of the year and notify Intuit, if corrections are needed. You will be notified of the dates.

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