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    Form UC-018 Unemployment Tax and Wage Report does not show Arizona job-training tax

    Article ID: 1001902


    When creating the Arizona (AZ) UC-018 - Unemployment Tax and Wage Report, line 7, "Add Job Training Tax Due," is blank.

    This is because line 7 defaults to the setting "Not Subject to Job Training Tax."

    Expected Outcome

    Line 7, Add Job Training Tax Due of Form UC-018, shows the correct amount.


    You have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription.


    Employees must be set up with the AZ-Job Training Tax option and their paychecks must be subject to this tax.

    To check if employees are subject to the Arizona job-training tax:

    Go to the Employee Center.

    Select an employee to edit.

    Go to Payroll and Compensation Info.

    Click Taxes.

    Go to Other and check if AZ-Job Training Tax is added in the employee set up.

    To check if paychecks are subject to the Arizona job-training tax:

    Create a payroll report (for example, Payroll Summary, Payroll Detail Review, and so on).

    Adjust the dates to the correct quarter. Check if there are accrued amounts for AZ-Job Training Tax.

    To correct Form UC-018 Unemployment Tax and Wage Report:

    Choose Employees > Payroll Tax Forms and W-2's > Process Payroll Forms.

    Choose State Form. Click OK.

    Select the UC-018 Unemployment Tax and Wage Report. Select the Filing Period.Click OK.

    Line 7 is blank. You must override the form to make it subject to the Arizona job-training tax.

    To override the form:

    Right-click the Check this box if not subject to Job Training Tax checkbox with an X on Line 7.

    Click Override and deselect the X. The accrued amount for Arizona job-training tax appears on Line 7.

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