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    Switch between single-user and multiuser mode

    Article ID: 1001357


    The recommended mode to send payroll is single-user mode. Before you switch to single-user mode, all other users must log out of QuickBooks. You can switch back to multi-user mode when you have finished working in single-user mode.

    Expected Outcome

    You will switch to either single-user mode or multi-user mode.


    You have mutiple user set up in QuickBooks.


    To switch to single-user or multiuser mode:

    If you are switching to single-user mode, be sure that no one else is logged into QuickBooks. If they are, you will need to ask them to sign out.

    Choose File > Switch to Single-user Mode or File > Switch to Multi-user Mode. (If Switch to Multi-user Mode is not available or grayed out, verify all users are logged out of QuickBooks.)

    Follow the onscreen instructions to switch, and then log in again.

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