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    DIY: Enter prior-quarter paychecks using Historical Payroll Data Entry (HPDE)

    Article ID: 1001248


    This article explains how to enter prior-quarter paychecks in QuickBooks using Historical Payroll Data Entry (HPDE).

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to successfully add the historical paychecks into QuickBooks using the Historical Payroll Data Entry module.


    You have paychecks not entered into QuickBooks.


    For more information on Historical Payroll Data Entry, see Year-to-date (YTD) payroll: Historical Payroll Data Entry FAQs.

    To enter prior-quarter historical payroll data in QuickBooks:

    From Step 5 Year-to-Date Payrolls of Payroll Setup, click Continue.

    For instructions on entering Payroll Setup, see Access the payroll setup interview.

    If your company has issued paychecks this year, click Yes and click Continue. (If there was no payroll or payroll was done with Pay Employees in QuickBooks, click No.)

    On the next screen, you have three choices: Paychecks, Tax Payments, and Non-Tax Payments. Click Edit on Paychecks.

    For more information on how to enter prior-quarter tax payments, see Entering prior-quarter tax payments - Historical Payroll Data Entry (HPDE).

    Click the Show Steps button to display the step-by-step guide. The Enter Paychecks by Employee window also contains additional instructions to guide you through the process of entering paychecks. Please see these steps for further information.

    • Click Customize Columns to add, move, or rearrange columns for easier data entry.
    • For closed quarters:
      • 941 filers only: you can enter the history by quarter, by month, or as a summary paycheck also called a fat check. A fat check summarizes the paychecks issued to an employee. This method is especially useful if you need to enter paychecks for multiple past quarters.
      • 944 filers: you cannot use the fat check method since the paycheck history would need to be entered monthly; however, follow the same tax deposit frequency as 941 filers.
    • Current-quarter data MUST be entered pay date by pay date for the Federal Quarterly 941 Form to print correctly.

    Click Done Entering in Paycheck when you have completed entering payments or Finish Later to complete the process at a later time.

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