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    Create a new company file by copying an existing one

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    You can create a new QuickBooks company file by copying an existing company file to a another location. The copy retains all of the lists, transactions, templates, and preferences in the original company file. You must manually delete all transactions that you want removed.

    Use only one company file if you are using Direct Deposit or E-File and E-Pay within QuickBooks.

    If you don't want to manually delete the transactions, don't copy the file. Instead, create a new company file. Then export the lists from the original company file and import them into the new company file. You can also export and import templates, although you can only do this one template at a time.

    If the existing company file has no transactions for the current year, you can copy the company file and then use the Clean Up Company Data utility to remove all transactions at one time.

    Expected Outcome

    You can create a new QuickBooks company file using an existing file.


    You have an active version of QuickBooks.


    To copy an existing QuickBooks company file:

    Create a back up of the company file you want to copy.

    Restore the back up to the location where you want to save the new company file, and then change the name of the file you are restoring. (This creates a copy of the original company file, with a different name.)

    For instructions see Restore a backup company file

    Choose File > Open (or Restore) Company. You can then review the new company file.

    To remove all transactions from a copied company file that contains no transactions for the current year:

    Choose File > Utilities.

    Choose Clean Up Company Data. (If you receive a message that budget data will be removed, click Yes.)

    In the Clean Up Company Data window, select Remove All Transactions.

    Click Next and follow the onscreen messages to remove the transactions.

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