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    Download QuickBooks Desktop software update

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    QuickBooks Desktop periodically provides maintenance releases and product (software) updates to fix known issues, add features and enhancements, and update compliance information.  For QuickBooks Desktop to function as designed, you must use the most recent product update or release version.

    What are Critical Fixes (aka ULIP)?

    ULIP (Ultra Light Patch) is a feature in QuickBooks Desktop where minor critical fixes can be delivered without the need for an actual release patch. The patch release process will continue as is (R releases such as 2014 R3). The benefit of these is that we can deliver fixes sooner rather than waiting for the scheduled release patch.
    See QuickBooks Critical Fixes updates (ULIP) for more information.

    QuickBooks Desktop software update should not be confused with payroll Tax Table Update. Current tax table update is necessary for payroll taxes calculations, whereas software update is to ensure that QuickBooks Desktop program/software has most recent features and enhancements.

    To Download Software Updates From Within Quickbooks Desktop:

    Click File > Close Company/Logoff. (If you open multiple company files in QuickBooks Desktop, you have to do this step for every company that are open.)

    Click File > Exit.

    Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon in the desktop window.

    Click Run as administrator.

    Make sure you are in the "No Company Open" screen.

    From Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks.

    Click the Options tab.

    Select the Mark All button then click Save.

    Click the Update Now tab.

    Click Reset Update then click the Get Updates button.

    When the Update Complete message appears, close QuickBooks Desktop.

    Open QuickBooks Desktop. If you get the message to install update, click Yes.

    When the installation is complete, restart your computer.

    If you have an active payroll subscription in your company file, download the latest tax table to process payroll in QuickBooks Desktop.

    Disk Delivery Service:

    If you have Disk Delivery Service, the product update is installed along with the tax table update when there is space available to include it on the disk. If the auto-install utility does not work, or your tax table disk does not have the qbupdate folder in it:
    • Manually download the qbwebpatch.exe file. You will need a computer that has internet access to do a manual download, see the steps below.
    • Save the download to a removable disk and install the software update in the computer that you use for your Disk Delivery service.

    To Download Software Updates From The Web:

    Under Downloads & Updates, your QuickBooks Desktop version will appear. Click Change to change the QuickBooks Desktop product and version.

    Click the Update button.

    In the File Download window, click Save.

    In the Save As window, choose the location to save the update file.

    Locate and double-click the downloaded qbwebpatch.exe file. If you saved your download into a disk, you will need to install the update from the disk.
    NOTE: There may be a delay or pause of up to 60 seconds at 84 to 86 percent of the update. Do not cancel the update. Allow it to finish and QuickBooks Desktop will be updated correctly.

    When the installation is complete, restart your computer.

    After downloading the software updates, it is a good practice to check if there are errors in the Status column of the Update Now tab in the Update QuickBooks window. If there is any, you may have to go through the steps again in downloading the software updates.

    If you encounter error during the update, visit our support site to search for troubleshooting steps to resolve the error message you received.

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