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    Assisted Payroll Service: FAQs for 2015 FUTA Credit Reduction States

    Article ID: 1000918


    This article explains the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) credit reduction and how it will affect FUTA taxes, Form 940, and Schedule A for 2014.

    Expected Outcome

    You will have information about the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) credit reduction for your state.


    You have an active payroll subscription and an up-to-date Assisted payroll version of QuickBooks.


    In mid January 2017, an email will be sent to customers who owe additional FUTA taxes due to the credit reduction. You will be notified of the exact dollar amount due and when your payroll account will be debited.

    How Assisted Payroll collects the tax money and files the returns

    Assisted Payroll will debit employer bank accounts for this tax and a liability check will be posted to your QuickBooks register the next time you connect to Intuit Payroll (i.e. when you send your next payroll).

    We will prepare and file your Form 940 and Schedule A and pay the taxes due on your behalf. Electronic copies of these filed forms will be available in February 2017, via a secured link within QuickBooks to the Payroll Tax Center.

    If you cancelled your Assisted Payroll service last year and asked Intuit to file your tax forms, but received an Action Required email that you owe an additional amount for FUTA Credit Reduction for 2016, you must submit the additional payment provided in the email to the IRS yourself.

    In part, here is the action you will need to take:

    As you requested when you canceled your Assisted Payroll service last year, we have prepared and will file your annual tax returns for 2015. However, you owe an additional amount for Federal Unemployment Tax due to the FUTA Credit Reduction for 2016. Because you no longer have an active payroll account with Intuit Assisted Payroll Services, you will need to make a payment directly to the IRS by January 31, 2017.

    You can make your payment to the IRS directly using EFTPS, or by mail (only if your liability is less than $500.00 for the year). See the following for payment instructions:

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