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    Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance (UI) QUEST system registration and assignment of rights

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    Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance (MA UI) has implemented a new QUEST system for filing and paying unemployment and health taxes. All MA customers have received a letter from the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance regarding the state's new QUEST system. MA Unemployment Registration Letter

    This article explains how to register and assign rights in QUEST so Intuit Payroll Services can perform the required filing and tax payments on your behalf in Massachusetts.

    Once you have completed your registration, email Amanda_Cook@Intuit.com with the information listed below in Step #4.

    Any customer who files and/or pays withholding taxes must obtain a Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance (MA UI) number due to filing requirements from the state, even if you do not pay unemployment.  Withholding and Unemployment are filed on a combined return and only accepted electronically.  You are either taxable, reimbursable or withholding only.  If this number is not obtained, Intuit cannot complete your MA filings for you.


    To register for the Massachusetts QUEST system, you must complete these 4 steps:

    An authorized representative for your business must log in to QUEST with the permanent user ID and temporary password you received from the state. If you did not receive this information, contact the state at 617.626.5075.

    Log into QUEST: MA Quest System

    After you complete the registration process, you must log in with your temporary password and assign a permanent password.

    After logging in, you must assign third-party agent (TPA) rights to Intuit in the Third Party Agent section.

    Enter the following information in these fields:
    • TPA ID: 100035 (Computing Resources Incorporated)
    • TPA Service Begin Date: enter the current date
    • TPA Service End Date: leave blank
    Under Un-assigned Roles, select the following checkboxes:
    • Account Maintenance Update and Submit
    • Payments Update and Submit
    • Employment & Wage Detail Update and Submit

    When you complete the above steps, send an email to Amanda_Cook@Intuit.com with the following information:

    Send an e-mail to Amanda_Cook@intuit.com with the following information:
    • TPA process completed
    • Payroll Service ID
    • Company name
    • MA UI Agency ID
    If you have problems registering or assigning TPA rights in QUEST, do not contact Intuit. You must contact the state of Massachusetts directly at 617.626.5075.

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