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    Export and import QuickBooks Desktop Employee list to and from a new QuickBooks Desktop company file

    Article ID: 1000915


    This article describes how to export or import QuickBooks Desktop Employee Lists into QuickBooks Desktop files.

    You might want to transfer a list of employees from a previous company file to a new company file that you have and, but you do not want to set it up one by one. Only the personal information will be is carried over to the new company file. You have to reenter the payroll and compensation information for each employee.


    To export or import a list of employees to a new company file:

    Open and restore a backup copy of the old company file that has the list of employees that needs to be transferred to a new company file.

    Choose File > Utilities.

    Choose Export > Lists to IIF files. Note: IIF files are the file types QuickBooks Desktop can import and export.

    Mark Employee List and click OK. Choose the location where you want to save the list.

    Note: The desktop is recommended so it is not difficult locating the files when importing.

    Open and restore the new company file where you want to restore the employee list.
    NOTE: Since you cannot undo an import, you must back up your company file before proceeding.

    Choose File > Utilities

    Click Import. Click IIF Files. Locate the IFF file that you have saved earlier. Click Open. You are prompted if the employee list has been restored.

    Click the Employees menu > Employee Center.

    Click Payroll Info tab and enter the necessary information.

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