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    How to send a zero payroll

    Article ID: 1000792


    There might be times when you have to connect to the Intuit Payroll server. This article explains how to send a zero payroll so you can connect in the following situations:

    • To synchronize data in QuickBooks with the data on the server. Example: QuickBooks is trying to send payroll data that had already been sent to the payroll service.
    • To update your version of QuickBooks with Intuit.
    • To verify the customer's bank account information after a Bank Account Change is processed
    • After voiding a previously sent paycheck
    • To record the Employer Identification Number (EIN) change in QuickBooks
    • When a checking account name/bank account name where Direct Deposit transactions are posted is updated
    • When the name of the account where Direct Deposit fees are posted is updated
    • To cancel Direct Deposit in QuickBooks
    • To recover the latest payroll service fees check (Direct Deposit liability check) in the register
    • When the "Use Direct Deposit" option cannot be selected when processing payroll
    • When an EIN with Direct Deposit is moved from one agreement to another (Direct Deposit migration)
    • To restore missing paychecks in QuickBooks.
      • Direct Deposits sent to Vendors (DD4V) cannot be restored into QuickBooks if missing.


    To send a zero payroll:

    Choose Employees > Send Payroll Data.

    Verify that there are 0 paychecks for $0.00 in the Items to Send section.

    Click Send.

    Enter your Payroll PIN.

    Wait for the message that your payroll session was successful. (A confirmation report appears in the Items Received section of the Send Payroll Data window.)  The message that appears might vary depending on your activity. See examples below:

    • If you are sending a zero payroll after voiding a paycheck, you may receive the message that QuickBooks cannot find the following account.  You will need to click the down arrow and select Payroll Service Asset Account from the list of Accounts. QuickBooks uses this account for Assisted Payroll, to post any tax credit (over paid taxes) as result of void.

      Once the Intuit Payroll System receives the voided check, you will get a message in QuickBooks that Your payroll session has succeeded.
    • If you just changed your bank account that you use to post Payroll Fees or Direct deposit Fees, you get this message QuickBooks cannot find the following account. You will need to click the down arrow and select the checking account you use for payroll fees from list of Accounts.
    • If you send the zero payroll after an EIN change, the message is QuickBooks has received additional information. Go to Company Information to check if the change is correct.

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