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    QuickBooks register shows Intuit debits as credits

    Article ID: 1000762


    Your bank account register in QuickBooks shows a deposit that you never received. When you double-click it, the deposit is really a liability check made out to QuickBooks Payroll Services for fees or other amounts. Typically, this happens with W-2 fees, but can happen also with any manual fees or amounts that are processed.

    This problem occurs when fees are processed as manual transactions instead of QuickBooks transactions. When you ran your payroll, you received the message "QuickBooks cannot find the following account . . . Payroll Expenses." You chose your bank account instead of an expense account.


    To resolve the problem of debits as credits:

    In QuickBooks, open the bank register you use for payroll.

    Locate and click the deposit that shows in the register.

    Verify that it is a liability check. Liability Check will show two tabs, one for Payroll Expenses and another for Payroll Liabilities.

    Click the Expense tab.

    In the Account column, click the down arrow and change the Account from bank account (account type) to the Expense Account you use for Intuit fees.

    Click Save & Close to save your changes. The transaction should display on your register as a payment instead of a deposit.

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