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    Payment (deposit) method missing in payroll setup

    Article ID: 1000740


    When you select Change payment method for a liability in the Payroll Center, the Payment (deposit) method is missing from the payroll setup. As a result, you can't choose payment options such as check or e-pay.

    This problem is caused by damage within the Company file.

    Expected Outcome

    You will resolve the missing payment method and be able to set up a schedule for liability payments.


    You want to set up a schedule for liability payments.


    A payment (deposit) method will not show up in the Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods payroll setup if it has not yet been set up as a payroll item on the payroll item list.

    In order to resolve the missing payment method in the payroll setup and schedule the liability, it is necessary to rebuild the company file.

    To rebuild your company file and enable payment methods in the payroll setup:

    Close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop.

    Run the Verify Data/Rebuild Data processes to correct any data damage.

    When the utility is finished, you might have to repeat steps 1 through 3 two more times until the program detects no errors.

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