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    Email pay stubs from QuickBooks Desktop

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    You can email pay stubs to your employees directly from QuickBooks Desktop. Pay stubs are delivered as password-protected PDF attachments, which preserve the format and layout of the pay stub. After receiving the email and entering their unique password, the employee can simply save and print the pay stub from a local computer. Employee password protection is in place to increase the security of employee information.

    QuickBooks Desktop uses the company's email address as the sender (in the From line) and the employee's email address as the recipient (in the To line). If your company file doesn't include an email address for the company or for the employee, you'll be prompted to enter the information when you email a pay stub to the employee.


    To email your pay stubs:

    Verify email settings

    1. Select Edit at the top menu bar and Preferences.
    2. Select Send Forms on the left.
    3. Click the My Preferences tab.
    4. Under Send e-mail using select
      • Web Mail to use email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to send your emails.
      • Outlook if you would like to use Microsoft Outlook to send your emails.
    See Set up your email service in QuickBooks Desktop for detailed setup instructions.

    Be sure you are in single-user mode.

    For instructions on switching to single-user mode, see Switch between single-user and multi-user mode.

    From the menus at the top, click File > Print Forms > Pay Stubs.

    Check that the Bank Account is correct (select correct account from drop-down if needed).

    Check from and through dates and update to match the paycheck date.

    Select each employee you want to receive a pay stub by email. (Before emailing the pay stubs, a Preview button is available to view the pay stub being emailed.)

    Select Email.

    Make a note of each employee's pay stub password (be sure to email the password to them).

    The employee's password, which is automatically generated, is the first four alphabetic characters of the employee's last name (in lowercase) followed by the last four digits of the employee's Social Security number. You can edit the email text that accompanies the pay stub to describe this password scheme to your employees.

    Click OK twice.

    Enter the email address associated with the employee's name.

    Select OK.

    Confirm the information is correct, and click Send Now.

    Repeat for all employees.

    You can now see a list of emails sent to Employees.  From the Employee Center select an employee.  To the right, under Employee Information, click the Sent Email tab.

    To remove any pay stubs prior to emailing:

    Click Remove on the right side. This option will remove pay stubs from the listing one at a time.

    Frequently Asked Scenarios:

    How do I change the default text for the email?

    1. From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
    2. Click Send Forms, select Company Preference tab.
    3. In the Change default for field, select Pay Stubs.
    4. Edit the default text then click OK.

    My employees are not receiving the pay stub emails.

    • Send test emails to yourself to confirm the issue.
    • Ask your employees check their email spam settings and any other filters that may be preventing them from receiving your emails.
    Note: The last name cannot contain parentheses or brackets, or the employee will not be able to open the emailed pay stub.

    What should I do if I am having problem emailing paystubs?

    If you are having problems emailing pay stubs, please verify that you are on the latest version of Adobe. This allows the pay stubs to be converted into PDF format for viewing.

    To verify that you are on the latest version:
    1. In Internet Explorer type in the address line www.adobe.com.
    2. Search "updates".
    3. Find: Adobe Reader 9.3 update -or- Adobe Acrobat 9.3 Professional update, depending on the version you have.
    4. Select the computer program "language" listed, such as Windows, or Macintosh.
    5. Complete download.

    If you are having trouble entering your email password, see QuickBooks Desktop will not accept my web mail password for troubleshooting steps.

    What should I do if QuickBooks Desktop will not accept my web mail password?

    What is the Employee Password?

    Passwords are composed of:
    • The first 4 characters of the employee's last name. If the name is shorter than 4 characters, use the whole last name (do not append the first name to it). These 4 characters are always lower case. The only time an employee's password would contain an uppercase character is if the first character of the employee's last name was an extended character. QuickBooks Desktop does not convert extended characters to lowercase.

    • The last four digits of the SSN.
    Any non-alpha character is removed from the last name (no dash, space, etc.) when building the password. Examples:
    • If John Smith's Social Security Number was 123-45-6789, his password to view an emailed pay stub would be smit6789
    • The password for Ben Narramore with SSN 855-56-4545 would be narr4545
    • The password for Deb D'Spain with SSN 782-34-3419 would be dspa3419
    • The password for Jimmy Wu with SSN 903-88-7465 would be wu7465
    Note: The password is automatically generated and can't be removed. The only way the password can be altered is if the employee's name and social security number changes within QuickBooks Desktop before the check is created for the employee. Employees cannot create custom passwords for this feature.

    How do I change the From or To email address on the paystub?

    1. In QuickBooks Desktop, click File > Print Forms > Paystubs.
    2. Click the Email button.
    3. Click Edit Email button on the Select Forms to Send Window.
    4. Edit the email address in the From field or To field.
    5. You will see a message asking if you want to update the information. Say Yes to the message.

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