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    Send payroll and Direct Deposit paychecks

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    When should I send payroll?

    Click on your paycheck date to see the last day to send payroll.

    *Holidays cannot be selected.


    Your payroll must be processed before 5 p.m., Pacific Time, two federal banking days prior to your paycheck date in order to guarantee your direct deposits go through properly.

    Important for Assisted Payroll! In addition to your direct deposits, in order for your payroll taxes to be paid on time, you must process payroll by 5 p.m., Pacific Time, two federal banking days prior to your paycheck date. If you do not process your payroll in this timeframe, you may be charged a $100 backdating fee, your direct deposits will not clear on time, and you will be responsible for any payroll penalties and/or interest accrued for late tax payments.

    Checklist Before Sending Payroll To Intuit

    • Create and send your direct deposit paychecks in the same company file where you have been sending your direct deposit paychecks. 
    • After creating paychecks, Intuit recommends that you switch to Single-user Mode, before sending. You may switch back to Multi-user Mode when the transmission has completed.


    To send your Payroll to Intuit:

    From the QuickBooks menus at the top, click Employees > Send Payroll Data.

    In the Send/Receive Payroll Data window, review the following information in the Items to Send area:

    • The paychecks to be processed.
    • Taxes and Direct Deposit (if applicable) amounts.
    • The funds to be withdrawn from your account. (The amount shown does not include applicable fees.)
    • Any changes in your payroll information. For detailed information about each item, select the item in the Items to Send list, and click View.

    Click Send. If you are getting a message that QuickBooks cannot find the following account, see the information below:

    Note: The message that appears might vary depending on your activity. Review the following examples:
    • If you just changed your bank account that you use to post Payroll Fees or Direct deposit Fees, you get this message QuickBooks cannot find the following account.

      You will need to click the down arrow and select the checking account you use for payroll fees from list of Accounts.
    • If you are sending a zero payroll after voiding paychecks, you may receive this message that QuickBooks cannot find the following account.

      You will need to click the down arrow and select Payroll Service Asset Account from the list of Accounts. QuickBooks uses this account to post any tax credit (over paid taxes) as result of void.

    Enter your Payroll Service PIN then click OK.

    When the transmission is complete, you will return to the Send/Receive Data window. Under Items Received, click View to view important payroll messages or Confirmation Reports. While viewing the item, click Print to print the report or message.

    Click Close to close the Send/Receive Data window.

    To Check If Payroll Was Received By Intuit:

    Confirmation of payroll receipt is sent via confirmation report after transmission and the insertion of the payroll liability check in the bank register. The liability check and paychecks should have green lightning bolts in the upper left corner of the checks. If the liability check or paychecks have green lightning bolts, your payroll was sent successfully.

    Individual financial institution policies determine the exact time direct deposits are posted. Intuit cannot guarantee that direct deposit funds will be available in bank accounts of employees by the paycheck date. Advise your employees to check with their banks to find out when funds are posted. See When do direct deposits post? for more information.

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