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    Restore a backup company file

    Article ID: 1000537


    After you have backed up a QuickBooks company file, you can restore the file from the backup.

    Expected Outcome

    You will restore a backup copy of your company file.

    Once a company file has been converted to a later version of QuickBooks, it can't be opened in any earlier version. If you want to view data that predates a conversion to a new QuickBooks version, and you made a backup of the old company file before doing the conversion, you can restore the old backup file in the earlier version of QuickBooks. You must reenter any information you have entered in QuickBooks since the conversion to bring your accounts up to date.


    You have Administrator access in QuickBooks.


    To restore your company file from a backup:

    Choose File > Open or Restore Company.

    Select Open or Restore a Backup Copy, and then click Next.

    Select Local Backup and click Next.

    Click the Look In drop-down arrow, select the location of the backup file, and then select the file name of the backup file. (The file name should appear as [Company Name].qbb.)

    Click Open and then click Next.

    Click the Save-in drop-down arrow and select the location where you want to restore the file.

    Enter a new file name in the Filename field, giving it a .qbw extension.

    Click Save and then carefully read and respond to any messages that appear before restoration begins.

    Important: If at any time you receive one of the following messages, click No.
    • [Filename].qbw already exists. Do you wish to replace it?
    • You are choosing to overwrite an existing company file. Are you sure?
    If you click Yes in response to these messages, your restored file will overwrite your existing file. Instead, enter a temporary file name with a .qbw extension in the Filename field. When you are certain the restored file is working properly and contains the correct data, you can rename the restored file to the original file name, which will safely overwrite the original .qbw file.

    Assisted Payroll: you may get the following message after restoring the file: "This QuickBooks file may be missing some of the payroll data...". Click below for additional steps.

    If you have Assisted Payroll you may get the following message after restoring the file:

    "This QuickBooks file may be missing some of the payroll data that you have already sent to the Payroll Service. Before creating any new transactions, you need to restore the missing data by clicking Send Payroll Data from the Employees menu and then clicking the Send button."

    Click Send only if the Items to Send field contains 0 Paychecks for $0.00. If there are transactions listed, you may send duplicate transactions to the payroll service. Contact payroll support to check what items have already been sent.

    For more information on how to restore an online backup file, see QuickBooks Help.

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