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    Print checks one at a time or in a batch

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    In QuickBooks Desktop, you can print checks one at a time or several at a time.

    Important: Forms must contain preprinted account numbers and check numbers, because QuickBooks Desktop can only fill in the payment information. Blank check stock or plain paper will not work. To order preprinted checks, go to the Checks, Business Cards, and More website.

    Expected Outcome

    You will print your checks.


    Your printer is turned on and connected to your computer, and it is loaded with check stock compatible with QuickBooks Desktop.


    To print one check at a time:

    Choose Banking > Write Checks.

    Find or create the check to print.

    Enter a check number in the First Check Number field if necessary, and click Print.

    Select the check style (Voucher, Standard, or Wallet), and make sure that the correct printer name is displayed. Then click Print.

    To print several checks at once:

    Choose Banking > Write Checks.

    Checkmark Print Later box next to the Print icon for each check you want to print, then close the Write Checks window.

    Choose File > Print Forms, and then choose Checks or Paychecks, as appropriate.

    Select your bank account.

    Select the checks you want to print by placing a check mark next to them. Click in the check mark column to place or remove a check mark.

    Enter the first check number and then click OK.

    Select the check style (Voucher, Standard or Wallet), and make sure that the correct printer name is displayed. Then click Print.

    If you have printing problems, see your printer documentation or contact QuickBooks Help & Support.

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