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    Payroll tax table update issues

    Article ID: 1000519


    You are unable to update payroll tax tables in QuickBooks.


    To identify and resolve problems so you can update your tax tables in QuickBooks:

    Check your QuickBooks subscription status.

    1. Choose Employees > Get Payroll Updates.
    2. In the Get Payroll Updates window, note the information in the Subscription Status field.

    Update QuickBooks to the latest release.

    See Update a QuickBooks release for information on downloading and installing QuickBooks product updates.

    Refer to the following table below for information on what to do next.

    Subscription status Your situation What to do
    ActiveYou have a current subscription to a QuickBooks payroll service.Make sure that your subscription number (which identifies you as a subscriber and entitles you to payroll updates) is entered in this window. Then go to next step.
    No subscription numberYou have subscribed.Contact Us
    No subscription numberYou have not subscribed.Call Intuit at 800.820.6382 to subscribe, and then go to next step.
    A subscription number You have subscribed.Go to next step.
    InactiveYour subscription has expiredClick Account Info and follow the instructions in the wizard. Be sure to update your billing information. Then go to next step.
    Not SubscribedYou have not yet subscribed to the QuickBooks payroll service.Click Subscribe and follow the instructions in the wizard. Then go to next step.

    Try to update the tax tables again. If you still can't update successfully, follow the next steps.

    Check your QuickBooks Internet connection setup.

    1. Choose Help > Internet Connection Setup.
    2. Select Use my computer's Internet connection settings, click Next, and then click Done.

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