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    Set up an hourly wage payroll item

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    You need an hourly wage payroll item for each type of hourly wage you want to list on a paycheck. For example, you may need hourly wage items for regular, overtime, sick, vacation, or holiday pay. When you set up an hourly wage item, you do not specify the pay rate. Instead, you enter the rate when you set up an employee or add the item to a payroll check. This way, you can use the same hourly wage item for many employees, even though they receive different rates of pay.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to pay an employee using the hourly item.


    You have created a employee you would like to pay using the hourly wage item.


    To set up an hourly wage payroll item:

    From the QuickBooks Desktop menu at the top, click Lists > Payroll Item List.

    Click the Payroll Item button at the lower left corner, and choose New.

    Select Custom Setup, and click Next.

    Select Wage, and click Next.

    Select Hourly Wage.

    Select the appropriate pay type.
    : For holiday pay or other types not specifically listed, choose Regular Pay.

    Click Next.

    Enter a name for the pay item (if you have various types of regular pay, you can differentiate them with the name), and click Next.

    Choose the Expense account where you want to track wages.

    Click Finish.

    To add the new payroll item automatically when you create paychecks:

    Go to Employees on the top menu bar.

    Select Employee Center.

    Double-click on the employees name.

    Click the Payroll Info tab.

    Click on the blank area, in the Earnings box, below Item Name column.

    Click the drop-down arrow and select your Hourly item.

    In the Hourly/Annual Rate column, enter in the employee's hourly rate (to be applied to every pay period).

    To save your changes, click OK > OK.

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