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    Create or set up new payroll items

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    QuickBooks uses payroll items to track individual amounts on a paycheck and accumulate year-to-date wage and tax amounts for each employee. There are payroll items for compensation, taxes, other additions and deductions, and employer-paid expenses.

    If you are setting up a new company file, use the Payroll Setup Interview to set up all of your payroll. (IMPORTANT! NOT applicable for Assisted Payroll)

    If you have already set up your payroll, follow the steps below to create a new payroll item in QuickBooks.


    You know what type of payroll item you would like to create in QuickBooks.


    To create a new payroll item:

    From the QuickBooks menus at the top, click Lists > Payroll Item List.

    At the bottom left of the Payroll Item List, click the Payroll Item dropdown button, and choose New.

    Select a setup method.

    Click Next, and follow the on-screen instructions.

    To edit a payroll item, see How to edit a payroll item

    Important: It is your responsibility to make sure the tax tracking type and taxability of a payroll item is correct. We do not make recommendations for setting up payroll items. Consult your tax advisor or accountant if you are unsure how an item should be set up.

    If you need to track certain expenses by employee type, you can use class tracking. For detailed information, search the in-product Help for "classes."

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