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    Change a Direct Deposit paycheck to a regular paycheck

    Article ID: 1000497


    You may wish to create a regular (non-Direct Deposit) paycheck for an employee who is normally paid through Direct Deposit.

    The paycheck will be a paper check you will print and give to the employee.

    After the direct deposit is converted to a paycheck, you must have check stock and someone to sign the paper check for the employee.


    Choose the option that best fits your stage of creating direct deposit payroll:

    Remove the direct deposit option while creating the paychecks:

    1. In the Review and Create Paychecks window while paying employees, click the Open Paycheck Detail button.
    2. Clear the Use Direct Deposit option.
    3. Click Save & Close.

    Edit Direct Deposit paychecks that have already been created, but not yet transmitted to Intuit:

    1. In QuickBooks Desktop, click Employees on the top menu bar, and select Edit/Void Paychecks.
    2. Change the date range to the date of the paychecks.
    3. Double-click on the check.
    4. Clear the Memo line that states "Direct Deposit."
    5. Click on the Paycheck Detail button at the bottom.
    6. In the Review Paycheck window, clear the Use Direct Deposit box.
    7. Click OK in the Review Paycheck window, and click Save & Close in the Paycheck window to record the change.
    8. Click twice to clear the small checkbox on the register. This will remove the cleared mark so that the check will show on your reconciliation report.
    9. If necessary, repeat these steps for each employee.

    Stop Direct Deposit for an employee on future paychecks:

    Stop a Direct Deposit paycheck that has already been transmitted to the Payroll Service by voiding it. See requirements below.

    Voiding a Direct Deposit will only void out the taxes and direct deposit amount, NOT the fees.
    1. Be sure it is before 5 p.m. (Pacific Time) at least 2 business days prior to the paycheck date (after this time, the Direct Deposit paycheck has processed, and you can't stop a direct deposit from crediting the employee's account).
    2. Void the paycheck.
    3. Send Payroll Data.

    Print a paycheck that has already been transmitted as a Direct Deposit paycheck:

    1. Go to the register, and open the employee's paycheck.
    2. Click the Paycheck Detail button.
    3. Remove the check mark from Use Direct Deposit and then click OK.
    4. Click Print Later at the top, next to Print icon.
    5. Click Save & Close.
    Important: Simply unmarking Use Direct deposit on paycheck that had already been transmitted and printing it as a live paycheck will not stop Direct Deposit transaction from being processed.

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