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    Remove a company file from the stored list

    Article ID: 1000486


    QuickBooks retains recently opened company file locations in a stored list to make it easy to switch between company files. You can remove a company file from the list by resetting the number of company files held.


    You have more than one company file and do not want one of the company files to appear in the stored list.

    Expected Outcome

    The company file will no longer appear in the stored list.


    To remove a company file from the stored list:

    Open a current company file (one that you do not want to remove).

    Choose File > Open Previous Company > Set number of previous companies.

    Make sure that the company you want to remove is last in the list, and then enter a number that is lower than the company's list position. For example, if the company you want to remove is listed fourth, enter 3. You can make a company the last in the list by opening the companies below it.

    Click OK.

    If you want to store a more company files, repeat step 1, and increase the number. As you open different companies, the additional file locations (up to the number you chose) will be stored.

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