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    Download QuickBooks Desktop to reinstall.

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    Online orders include a reinstallation pack, which usually arrives within two weeks from the date of the order. If you did not yet receive your reinstallation pack and want to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop, you can download the installation files online by logging on to your Intuit Online Account.

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    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to download QuickBooks Desktop.


    You have purchased QuickBooks Desktop for download, and you have a license and product number.


    If you don't have a re-installation pack and need to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop, you can re-download your QuickBooks Desktop software by logging on to your Intuit Account. If you have not created an account yet, you can select Create an Account as an option.

    If you are using a download link, you will need to get the product number before uninstalling QuickBooks Desktop because the system will ask you for it when re-installing.

    To re-download QuickBooks Desktop software:

    Access your Intuit Account.  (Click here if you need help signing in.)

    Sign in using your Intuit Account login and password.

    On the main account information screen, go to the Products & Services section.

    The list of products you have recently purchased should display. Click on the product that you want to download. (The section will show the first 5 items, you can click on "Show All" to see all the products.)

    Click the Download link to download the software. See screenshot below:

    For easy access, you can temporarily Save your download to your desktop.

    After you have downloaded your QuickBooks Desktop, see steps for Installing QuickBooks Desktop after downloading. You will need your license number and product number during the install process.

    If you have problem logging into your Intuit Account to download the software, see Download QuickBooks Desktop Products.

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