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    Employee's paycheck is missing some timesheet data

    Article ID: 1000478


    When creating an employee's paycheck, the data from the timesheet may be missing hours or may not be pulling hours onto the paycheck at all.

    This could be caused by:

    • The employee's profile is setup to not use timesheets.
    • Hours entered may have fallen on a date outside the paycheck's date range.
    • Unknown data flow issue with company file.
    • Incorrect pay frequency may be set up for employee.
    • The payroll item used on paycheck differs from the one on the timesheet.

    Expected Outcome

    The timesheets will correctly flow to the paychecks.


    You use timesheets in QuickBooks Desktop to create paychecks.


    Check that Time tracking is turned on in your company preferences.

    1. On the top menu bar, choose Edit > Preferences.
    2. On the lower left side, click Time & Expenses.
    3. Click on the Company Preferences tab.
    4. For Do you track time?, click Yes.
    5. Click OK.

    Make sure the employee in question is set up to use timesheets to track hours. This must be done one employee at a time.

    1. On the top menu bar, choose Employees > Employee Center.
    2. Double-click the employee in question.
    3. Click the Payroll Info tab.
    4. Under the Earnings box , be sure the Use time data to create paychecks checkbox is selected.
    5. In Pay Frequency ensure the employee is set up for the correct fequency (I.E. If an employee has a Pay Frequency set for Annual all time sheets from the ending pay period date to the prior year will be pulled into the paycheck), be sure Pay Period and Payroll Schedule are correct.
    6. Click OK.

    Re-check the timesheet to be sure the hours worked fall within the same date range on the paycheck, and be sure that a payroll item is being used on the timesheet.

    1. On the top menu bar, choose Employees > Enter Time.
    2. Click Use Weekly Timesheet.
    3. Select the correct week, and verify the data that was entered.
    4. Be sure there is a selection for the payroll item column, e.g., Hourly, Overtime, Salary.
    5. Re-create the paycheck.

    If time tracking has worked on previous paychecks, try changing the Pay Period Ends date to a previous period to see if the time entered for that period shows up on the paycheck. If it does, change the pay period back to the current one and see if the correct time shows up.

    1. On the Enter Payroll Information screen, change the Pay Period Ends date.
    2. At the prompt to update the hours worked, click Yes to update from the timesheet, or click No to use the same hours.
    Alternatively, you can change the pay period by clicking on Open Paycheck Detail. At the prompt to get the time from the appropriate timesheet, click Yes to update or No to use the same hours.

    You may also try the following steps:

    1. Click on the Payroll Center icon on the icon bar.
    2. Select Pay Employees or Unscheduled Payroll.
    3. In the Enter Payroll Information window, right-click the Employee Name whose paycheck was missing timesheet data and select Revert Paycheck.
    4. Close the Enter Payroll Information window.
    5. Re-create the paycheck.

    If above steps do not resolve your issue:

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