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    Incorrect or missing data on reports

    Article ID: 1000466


    Incorrect or missing data on Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Transaction by Account reports. The causes of this issue may be incorrect report dates, filters, or display option settings, or list damage.

    Expected Outcome

    Your reports will be correct.


    You have the latest QuickBooks version and tax table update.


    Check for report parameter mistakes.

    • Report dates are incorrect.
      1. From the report Dates drop-down arrow, select All.
      2. Look for the missing data.
    • Report basis is incorrect.
      • Check whether the basis of the report is Cash or Accrual, as this affects the data.
    • Report filters are incorrect.
      1. Click Customize Report, and click the Filters tab.
      2. Check that the filters have not been changed in a way that would hide the missing accounts. For example, filtering the report for specific accounts leaves out all other accounts.
      3. If you want to remove all filters, in the Current Choices list, click each line, press Delete, click OK, and view the report.
    • Report display options are incorrect.
    1. Click Customize Report, click the Display tab, and click the Advanced button.
    2. If you do not see a Display Rows section, skip to the procedure for list damage later in this article.
    3. If you see a Display Rows section, click All, click OK, and click OK again to view the report.
      • The report will display all appropriate accounts regardless of account activity or balance.
      • If the report does not display the accounts, the cause could be list damage.
      • If the report displays the accounts, but the amounts are zero, check the filters again.
    4. Check the actual transactions that should be showing on the report to determine whether they are affecting the correct accounts or items. In particular, look for the last account on the report, as this is most likely where the damage is occurring on the list.

    If there were no parameter mistakes, check for list damage.

    Check for any of the following types of list damage:
    • An account of one type shows as a sub-account of different account type. For example, a bank account may show indented under another current asset account, or an income account may show indented under an expense account.
    • An account has no name.
    • A rebuilt account has the name [#] Rebuilt.
    • An account that used to be a sub-account is now a parent account (not indented).

    Correct any list damage.

    1. Choose Lists > Chart of Accounts (or press CTRL + A).
    2. At the bottom of the window, click the Account button, and click Show All Accounts, if it is available.
    3. If Show All Accounts is available, view the report to see if the issue was resolved.
    4. If Show All Accounts is not available, click Account again, click Re-sort List, and click OK.
    5. View the report to see if the issue was resolved.
    6. If you see an account of one type showing as a sub-account of another type, edit the sub-account:
    7. In the Chart of Accounts window, select the sub-account that is not the right sub-account.
    8. Click the Account button, and click Edit.
    9. Click to clear the Subaccount of checkbox, and click OK.
    10. Check to see if this resolved the issue.
    11. If this didn't resolve the issue, in the Chart of Accounts list, to the left of the account,click the diamond, and drag it to the left.
    12. View the report to see if this resolved the issue.
    13. If the issue is not resolved, close QuickBooks, re-start QuickBooks, and then repeat this sub-procedure.
    14. Look for a rebuilt account, which is a damaged account that appears in the Chart of Accounts list as [#] Rebuilt. To fix a rebuilt account, follow these steps:
      1. Select the rebuilt account, click the Report button, and click QuickReport.
      2. View the transactions in the QuickReport to determine what account this should be.
      3. Close the QuickReport.
      4. With this account still selected in the Chart of Accounts, click Account, and click Edit.
      5. Re-name the account to its original name, and from the Type drop-down arrow, click the correct account type.
      6. Click OK to save your changes.
    If you encounter any of the following situations, contact a Data Service Specialist at 888.320.7276, weekdays between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Pacific time), or restore your most current backup:
    • You are unable to edit the damaged account.
    • One or more of the damaged accounts are of the following types: accounts receivable, accounts payable, undeposited funds, or sales tax.
    • Once the Chart of Accounts is in order, you run a report, and the account is still not showing the correct accounts.

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