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    Memorized report doesn't open or opens with incorrect information

    Article ID: 1000463


    The memorized report list is damaged.

    Each memorized report points to a location in the data file where the instructions for building the report are stored. When you double-click a memorized report to open it:

    • The location does not exist or is empty, and your report does not open.
    • The location contains the instructions for another report, and your report opens with incorrect information.

    Expected Outcome

    Your memorized report will open and be accurate.


    You have the lastest QuickBooks version and tax table update.


    Do not delete the memorized reports unless a Verify Data indicates a problem with the data integrity. If the Verify Data indicates an error, obtain a Qbwin.log to determine if there are instructions to delete any reports or transactions.

    To resolve this issue, move the damaged memorized reports, and then re-create the reports.

    Make a backup of your company file.

    Make a backup of your company file.

    In the menu bar, click Reports, click Memorized Reports, and click Memorized Report List.

    Below the bottom of the list, click the Memorized Report drop-down arrow, and select New Group.

    In the Name field, enter "Z Do Not Use."

    Click OK.

    Move all the broken reports to that group.

    1. Right-click on a broken report, and click Edit Memorized Report.
    2. Click Save in Memorized Report Group.
    3. Click the Save in Memorized Report Group drop-down arrow, and select Z Do Not Use.
    4. Repeat for all broken memorized reports.

    Create 15 to 20 new memorized reports and save them in Z Do Not Use. These reports will occupy damaged slots in the Memorized Report List. The number of reports needed may vary.

    Click the Memorized Report button, click Re-sort List, and click OK.

    Close and re-open QuickBooks.

    Re-create the memorized reports you need.

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