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    Verify that a tax table update is downloaded and installed

    Article ID: 1000444


    After you perform a tax table update, you can check whether the update was downloaded and installed in QuickBooks.


    QuickBooks installs the tax table update as it is downloaded, so you don't have to install after a successful download.

    To verify that a tax table update is downloaded and installed:

    To determine the most recent available tax table, click this link to go to the Payroll Support window. In the Intuit QuickBooks Payroll News & Updates pane at the left, scroll down to the summary for the lastest payroll update.

    In QuickBooks, go to Employees > Get Payroll Updates. Check the version of the tax table you have.

    The first line in the Get Payroll Updates window, "You are using tax table version: #####," lists the tax table version. Click Payroll Update Info to see summary information and changes.

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