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    Incorrect pay period dates entered for employees

    Article ID: 1000442


    If the Pay Period Ends date is incorrect in the Pay Employees window, the release date of an employee may not have been entered, or QuickBooks could be looking at the latest paycheck issued where the date was entered incorrectly.

    Expected Outcome

    The date for the Pay Period Ends field is corrected on the next payroll when you pay employees.


    The date for the Pay Period Ends field is wrong when you pay employees.


    You cannot edit or change the pay period dates on paychecks already transmitted to the payroll service.

    View any inactive and terminated employees.

      1. Choose Employees > Employee Center.
      2. Click the drop-down menu and choose Released Employees.

    If any inactive or terminated employees appear on the list and do not have a release date, do the following for each:

    1. Double-click the employee's name.
    2. Click the Employment Info tab.
    3. Enter the appropriate release date.

    If any inactive or terminated employees do not have a release date, skip the next step and proceed to the last step, Change the Pay Period Ends Date when Paying Employees.

    Check and correct (if necessary) incorrect Pay Period Dates entered for employees

    1. In the Pay Employee window, look for the Last Pay Period End column. The latest date in this column will dictate the pay period end date for all employees.
    2. If there is an incorrect date in this column, do the following:


          1. Go to the Employee Center and select the name of the employee for whom you want a QuickReport. 
          2. In the upper right corner, click Quick Report.
          3. Click Customize Report.
          4. Under the Display tab, under Columns to Display, click Paid Through. The Pay Period End date displays. The Date column displays the actual check date.
          5. At the top of the report, click Sort by, and click Paid Through.
          6. Set the date range to ALL.
          7. Verify that the Paid Through dates are correct.
          8. If any Paid Through dates are incorrect, do the following:
            1. Double-click the transaction, and click Paycheck Details to display the check.
            2. At the top right corner of the screen, edit the Pay Period End date.
            3. Click OK.
            4. Proceed to the last step, Change the Pay Period Ends Date when Paying Employees.

    Change the Pay Period Ends Date when Paying Employees by selecting the correct Pay Period End date for the current pay period.

    Once you create paychecks for all Employees listed, the Pay Period End date will be corrected for the next payroll run.

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