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    Rehired employee showing as terminated

    Article ID: 1000199


    A rehired employee is showing as terminated.

    Expected Outcome

    The rehired employee's status will no longer show as terminated.


    You rehired the employee using the Edit Employee window.


    This problem can occur when you use the Employee Organizer to terminate an employee, but not to rehire them. If you rehire the employee using the Edit Employee window, this information is not transferred to the Employee Organizer.

    To use the Employee Organizer to remove the employee's terminated status:

    Click Employee Center and click the Employees tab.

    Right-click the employee name and select Hire Employee.

    In the Hire/Rehire window, click the Edit [Employee Name] button.

    Continue to click Next until you reach the Hire Date field (on page 6 of 9).

    In the Rehire field, click the drop-down arrow and select Yes.

    Enter the appropriate dates in the Original Hire Date and Adjusted Service Date fields.

    Click Finish.

    The Status column no longer shows the employee as terminated.

    To display the Status column in the Employee Center:

    Click Employee Center and click the Employees tab.

    To the right of the View drop-down arrow, click the button with the arrow pointing right to display the full Employee List.

    If the Status column is not displayed, right-click any of the column headers and select Customize Columns.

    From the Available Columns list, select Status and click the Add button.

    Click OK.

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