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    Amounts on W-2 or W-3 are wrong or different from expected

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    When you review your W-2 or W-3 forms, the amounts are different from what you expect them to be.

    Expected Outcome

    You will understand the origins of the totals appearing on the employee's W-2s.


    You have an active payroll subscription.


    Using the clickable forms helps you identify what might be causing issues with individual fields on the forms. Click the field you are having a problem with and follow the instructions.

    The totals on a Form W-3 are a sum of all the W-2 wages and taxes (including extra copies). State and local information on the W-3 may show more than the total of all employee wages on the W-2 forms. This occurs when some employees receive more than one W-2. Employees receive more than one W-2 if there are multiple state and local tax items that need to be reported. Because the IRS does not look at state or local information on the W-3 the IRS accepts this discrepancy and no amendment to the W-3 is necessary.

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