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    Available sick or vacation time is incorrect

    Article ID: 1000169


    Your employee's paycheck shows incorrect hours available for sick time or vacation time, or the as of date is incorrect.

    Expected Outcome

    You will correct the hours accrued for sick time or vacation time.


    You took the as of [date] from the last day of the pay period from the employee's most recent paycheck.


    For QuickBooks Desktop functionality to work as designed, you must have the most recent product release and Tax Table update.

    To manually correct the available hours for sick time or vacation time:

    In QuickBooks Desktop, choose Employees > Employee Center to access your list of employees.

    Double-click the employee to open the Edit Employee window.

    Click Payroll Info tab.

    Click Sick/Vacation button.

    Correct the information in the Hours available as of [date] fields in both the Sick and Vacation sections.

    In the Sick and Vacation window, click OK.

    In the Edit Employee window, click OK.

    If necessary, repeat steps 2 through 4 for other employees.

    If the as of [date] is not the date that you expect to see, review the pay period from the most recent paycheck for the employee in question.

    This problem might also occur if you selected the Every hour on paycheck accrual period option when you set up the employee.

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