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    Error PS058 appears when downloading a payroll update

    Article ID: 1000156


    When downloading a payroll update, you receive error PS058.

    No single issue causes error PS058, which is a generic error code. The installation process occurs in several stages: copying the files to the hard drive, decrypting the files, and then installing them. The copy operation is processed by the QuickBooks QBDAgent, which copies the encrypted files to the hard drive. After the files are located on the hard drive, Internet Explorer decrypts the files. Following decryption, the QBDAgent installs the files in the QuickBooks program directory.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to download the latest payroll update.


    You have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription.


    Make sure your payroll subscription is active.

    To resolve this problem:

    Download the payroll update again.

    Download the latest QuickBooks release.

    If you have Disk Delivery and you need to install a QuickBooks software update, you can download the qbwebpatch.exe file from the Internet.

    To manually download the software update online, see steps below:

    1. If there is no Internet connection on the computer that has QuickBooks installed, find a computer that has an Internet connection and download the qbwebpatch.exe file from http://www.quickbooks.com/support.
    2. Copy the file to either a CD or flash drive, and then copy that file to the desktop of the computer with your QuickBooks software.
    3. After the qbwebpatch.exe file has been copied to the computer with QuickBooks, install the qbwebpatch file from the desktop.
    4. Continue updating the Tax Table from the CD.

    If you continue to receive the error PS058, you need to check for additional errors in the company file: To check for errors in the company file:

    1. In QuickBooks, click F2 (or press Ctrl+1).
    2. In the Product Information window, click F3 (or press Ctrl+2).
    3. In the Tech Help window, click the Open File tab.
    4. Double-click qbwin.log.
    5. Scroll to the bottom of this text document, which can be long. Find a line that has the word Error in it.

      Note: If you have a disk delivery service, the error begins with Disk Update.
    6. After the error code has been identified, search the QuickBooks knowledgebase (on the QuickBooks' technical support web site) for an article pertaining to your specific error code. For example, Error 15218, the most commonly found error, has a specific article for solving this error.

    The registry cleaner program RegCure has been known to create problems with the registry files in QuickBooks. If your error cannot be found or if you have used Regcure:

    1. Close QuickBooks.
    2. Use the Close Program, or the Task Manager utility in Windows (press Ctrl+Alt+Del), to close the qbupdate.exe and qbdagent2002.exe programs, if present.
    3. Search for the file reboot.bat: Choose Start > Search > For Files or Folders.
    4. After you find the file, double-click the file to run it. A DOS-type shell opens and then closes when done.
    5. Restart QuickBooks.
    6. Download your Payroll update again.

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