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    Delete or hide an employee name in the Employee List

    Article ID: 1000092


    This article provides the step by step instruction about deleting an Employee Record and/or hide the employee's name in the Employee List.

    Expected Outcome

    Your employee will be hidden or removed from the Employee List.


    If removing an employee name from the Employee List, the employee does not carry a balance or has not been used in at least one transaction.

    Transactions include:

    • Paycheck
    • Timesheet data
    • Regular check


    If you have QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted Service, you cannot delete an employee set up that has paychecks or wages associated with it. If the employee set up was created in error or is a duplicate set up, you will have to call the Payroll Service Support for assistance to get this issue corrected.

    The steps provided below for deleting an employee name applies only if you have DIY or QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced.

    To delete or hide an employee from your Employee List:

    Locate the employee record.

    In QuickBooks Desktop, click Employees >Employee Center.

    Right-click the employee name.

    Click Delete Employee.

    Click OK.

    If you know which transactions are associated with the employee, you can remove them to delete the employee. Only do this if removing the transactions won't affect your books.

    To hide an employee name or make the name inactive:

    Locate the employee record.

    In QuickBooks Desktop, choose Employees > Employee Center.

    Select the employee name.

    In the Edit Employee window, select the Employee is inactive checkbox.

    Click OK. The employee name no longer appears in the Employee List.

    If you Hide/Inactivate an employee you will need to right click on the Employee List and select Show Inactive Employees in order to see them.

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