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    Bank rejects account verification debits

    Article ID: 1000078


    In order to activate your Direct Deposit or Tax Assistance service, Intuit must verify that we can successfully debit your company's bank account. This article explains what to do if your bank rejects those verification debits.


    When you sign up for Direct Deposit or Tax Assistance service, Intuit attempts to debit two small amounts (each under a dollar) to verify that we can debit your bank account correctly. You must then access your bank account, locate the two amounts, and enter them in QuickBooks before we can activate your service.

    If your bank rejects these debits, take the following actions:

    Contact your bank to see why the transactions were returned.

    If the rejection occurred because there was no money in the account, fund the account and reenter the banking information in the account maintenance pages this will re-send the bank verification debits.

    If the rejection occurred for any other reason, speak to your bank's Automated Clearing House (ACH) department to verify your account and routing number.

    For Assisted Payroll and DIY with Direct Deposit (Desktop): If needed, you can update the bank account we have on file by updating it first in QuickBooks. A set of verification debits will post to the new bank within 2 banking days.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us.

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