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    Change bank account for e-payment of tax liabilities (federal or state tax)

    Article ID: 1000075


    This article explains how to change the bank account where your e-payments for payroll taxes are withdrawn.

    IMPORTANT! The actual bank account that will be withdrawn for your payment depends on:

    • The bank account information you have submitted to the payroll tax agency; AND
    • The login (ex: PIN and password) you use when submitting your payment. For Federal 940/941/944 and for some State taxes, the payroll tax agency provides new login when you change your bank account.


    To change the bank account for your e-payments:

    Change the bank account information you have submitted to the payroll tax agency. 

              For Federal 940 and 941/944 e-payments:

    If you wish to change your financial institution information, first determine if you want to make a permanent change or if you only need to change it for the payment that you are making.

    If this is a permanent change:

    1. Go to EFTPS.gov and select My Profile
    2. Login using your current PIN and password.
    3. Select Additional Taxpayer Enrollment under the Enrollment menu.
    4. Accept Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act Information.
    5. Input the new/changed information.
      Note: The current financial institution information will display. You will need to type over this information with the updated information.
    6. Select a new PIN number.
    7. Log out after you complete the new enrollment.
    8. Create a new Internet password.
    9. Login with the new PIN and password.

    If you only need to make the change with a payment:
    1. On the tax payment page, click on "change account" next to the banking information.
    2. Input new banking information.
    3. Sign and accept authorization.
    4. Select Complete.

    You can begin scheduling payments with the new account immediately using the new PIN and password. Note that this process is owned by EFTPS. For more information, see EFTPS Help & Information: How To.

              For State tax e-payments:

    To get the bank change instructions for your State tax agency:
    1. Open our Payroll Tax Compliance.
    2. Select your State.

      Example: If you are paying for a Florida State Tax, click the Florida link.

    3. Go to E-file & Pay tab. This will take you to the list of forms available for e-file/epay in QuickBooks Desktop.

    4. Click the View link next to a form and read the Form Details.
    5. In the Form Details, find and follow the Change Bank Account Instructions. If the information is not available for the form, look for the contact details of your State agency in the Payment Enrollment Instructions, and contact them regarding your bank change.

    Create an account in QuickBooks Desktop for the new bank account.

    Note: If you are using the same account, and you just need to change some of the bank account info (ex: new routing number or bank name), simply edit the existing bank account in QuickBooks Desktop.

    Change the E-pay account in QuickBooks Desktop and disable the old bank account.

    1. Choose Employees > Payroll Center.
    2. In the Payroll Center, go to the Pay Liabilities tab. From the Other Activities list at the bottom, select Change Payment Method to open the QuickBooks Payroll Setup.

    3. Click Continue (click Continue again if it doesn't go to the next screen).
    4. Select the Bank Account you want to use and click Edit.
    5. Enter the Account Number and Routing Number and click Finish.

      Note: Routing numbers are ALWAYS nine digits. Enter the account number exactly as it appears, including leading zeros, dashes, and spaces. For some business accounts, the routing number is different from the number on the check; Intuit recommends you verify your routing and account number with your bank.
    6. Select the Bank Account you do not want to use and click Edit.
    7. Ensure the Account Number and Routing Number fields are blank and click Finish.
    8. At the bottom left of the QuickBooks Payroll Setup, click Finish Later.

    Set the new bank account as the default for payroll in QuickBooks Desktop.

    1. Choose Edit > Preferences.
    2. From the column on the left, click Checking.
    3. Select the Company Preferences tab.
    4. Click to select the Open the Create Paycheck checkbox and select the bank account; and/or click to select the Open the Pay Liabilities checkbox and select the bank account.
    5. Click OK.

    When submitting your first payment with the new bank account, use the new login. If you save your login in QuickBooks Desktop, change it to the new one. Skip this for State taxes that do not have login requirements for e-pay. 

    To change the e-pay login information saved in QuickBooks Desktop:
    1. Click Employees menu> Payroll Center.
    2. In the Payroll Center, go to the Pay Liabilities tab. In the Pay Taxes & Other Liabilities, select the payroll tax liability that you are paying.
    3. Click the View/Pay button, and then click the E-pay button.
    4. Clear the Remember my information for next time box, and update your login information as necessary.
    5. Select the Remember my information for next time box again to save the new information.
    6. Click Submit.

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