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    Create tax forms for Standard or Basic Payroll customers using Enhanced Payroll for accountants

    Article ID: 1000045


    You want to create federal and state tax forms using your client's data files, but they subscribe to the Standard or Basic Payroll service.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to produce federal and state tax forms for clients with Basic or Standard Payroll subscriptions.


    You must use the same version of the software as your client, and have an active Enhanced Accountant Payroll subscription.


    Before you begin, please update QuickBooks to the latest release.

    DIY Online Payroll

    Validate your service on a file that contains Enhanced Payroll for Accountants.

    To validate your service, run a payroll update.

    If no file has been added to the Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription, create a sample file with an Employer Identification Number (EIN) added to the enhanced subscription and activate payroll on it.

    Open a client file that has Standard or Basic Payroll. The State form option is available in the payroll file.

    Do not run a payroll update in the Standard or Basic Payroll file.

    Disk Delivery Service

    Open the accountant company file with the active Enhanced for Accountants Disk Delivery subscription.

    Choose Employees > Get Payroll Updates.

    Put the latest tax table CD in your drive and click the Install Update From Disk button.

    Open your client's Standard Payroll subscription file.

    Check that the State forms are now available. See steps below:

    1. Choose Employees > Payroll Forms.
    2. Select State form and click OK.
    If your computer does not have a company file that is set up with Enhanced Payroll, you can create a new company with an EIN and payroll service key that is on your Enhanced Payroll subscription. To gain access to the State forms in your client's file, run an update in that company file.

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